Vision for Framingham

We are truly blessed to live in Framingham.  

And while I firmly believe that Framingham is a great community, it has the people, resources and ability to be even better.  We need to work together, neighborhood by neighborhood, in a transparent, participatory, and ethical process to create a strategic master plan that embodies our values, speaks to our dreams, and meets our needs, and then work collaboratively as a team to achieve these goals.  

I envision a Framingham where all of our diverse neighborhoods are vibrant, thriving and proudly displaying our values. A Framingham where you eagerly take friends to dinner in Downtown; consume produce grown at one of our local farms; celebrate and protect our diversity; embrace our local businesses; where everyone’s voice is represented and heard; where all of our students in our schools are reaching their full potential. A place we proudly call our home.

Working together, we can and will make Framingham a better place to live, learn, work, and play.