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Framingham is home. I grew up and raised my family in Coburnville. From the Framingham Baking Company to Cushing Park to Downtown, District 8 is the diverse, vibrant heart of Framingham. I have had the honor to advocate for you and our neighbors my entire life.

My website is for you to learn about local resources, issues, ask questions, and to learn about my work in our community. Take a moment to say hello, share an idea, or volunteer with a local group.

Our neighborhoods, small businesses, parks, schools, places of worship, and activities connect us together. These connections are what make Framingham special. In this time of national tension and confrontational discourse, we must remember that the things that binds us together are much stronger than what divides us.

As your District 8 Councilor for the past three years, I work with our neighbors on the issues facing our neighborhoods. Together we've made great strides in cleaning Lake Waushakum and revitalizing Downtown. Our streets are safer with new traffic calming measures and increased communication with police. We are advancing the construction of a south side elementary school and community center. More D8 residents are voting and are being appointed to boards and commissions. We are welcoming more new neighbors from around the state and world.

Our work has just begun.

With your help, I will continue to push for Framingham to adopt budgets and policies, initiatives and programs that improve Framingham's quality of life. We will green and beautify our neighborhoods, bring high quality education to all kids, manage traffic and keep our streets safe for people and cars, support our small businesses, adopt best practices in good government and keep our city affordable for all.

The best ideas come from meeting and listening to concerned residents. We achieve our goals by listening to one another and working as a team. That is how we improve, invest and invigorate Framingham. Please reach out to me at anytime at 508-878-2220 or [email protected].

Warm regards,
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John knows and loves our community, and has given his life in service to it. 


Working together we'll create a Framingham that is for everyone. 


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John is a neighborhood advocate working for a better Framingham.

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