Why Your Neighbors Support John

“John loves Framingham. He has spent his life working hard for our community; especially for our kids. He worked to preserve open space so our kids could have a place to play. He brought new ideas to the table so we could build new schools – an experience and vision we need today. He has done this before and he is ready on day one to do it again.” Jason Smith
“John’s dedication and vision made Cushing Park a tribute to our veterans and a jewel to use for generations to come. But for John’s tireless efforts as chair of the Cushing task force, chair of the board of selectmen and as our state representative, this open space would not have been preserved.”
Debbie Tosti
“John has rolled up his sleeves and been there for us. No other candidate for Mayor can approach this record of commitment to the values we hold dear and to the community we call home. “
Jerry Desilets
“I have known John since we were seven years old. We went to school together. Throughout his entire life, he has always exemplified integrity, hard work and dedication to our community. I would be proud to have him as my mayor!”
Mike Phipps
“John has a vision for our community. He sees what the next steps should be. He wants to make it a better place for all of us. I love that he leads without an ego. He wants to hear what we all have to say. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that when I need to step up to be a leader, he is the best example for me to look up to and learn from.”
Rachael Rubin
“We believe that you understand our views and have always been a strong voice for the working families for today and that your efforts, which includes standing on picket lines with workers trying to protect themselves, will protect working families of tomorrow. We need more legislators like you that are willing to do the hard work required, such as bringing people together to have challenging conversations that may never happen without your support.”
Walter Belmonte of Iron Workers Local 7
“As a former Framingham Selectman, former State Representative and in his private sector career John has worked extremely closely with organized labor and we are proud of not only his pro-labor voting record but the long standing relationships he has built with labor, in particular his work on a statewide and local basis with the building and construction trades.” Joseph P. Carlson, President of the Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO