John Stefanini speaks at his campaign kick off for mayor.

Stefanini Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign

On Tuesday, July 11, 250 people joined John Stefanini as he kicked off his campaign for the first mayor of Framingham. A diverse crowd of 300 people were in attendance.

“Over the past month I have personally knocked on more than 1000 doors.  As neighbors share their thoughts, the subject of the recent Charter vote often comes up.  Whether they voted Yes or No, they more often than not did so for the same exact reasons: concern about traffic and encroachment on our neighborhoods, rising property taxes, three vacant commercial centers and lack of support for local businesses, four underperforming schools, preservation of our open spaces and lack of accountability,” said Stefanini. “I pledge to you that I will work each and every day to ensure that the fears of those who voted NO never occur and the hopes and aspirations of those who voted YES are fully realized.”

Speakers at the event include former Selectman Dennis Cardiff, who spoke about serving with John on the Board of Selectmen; Suze Craighead, who spoke about how John is ready for the job on day one; Representative David Linsky (D-Natick), who spoke about John’s dedication to Framingham; local small business owner Rachel Rubin, who spoke about John’s vision for the future; and he was introduced by his daughters, Kristina and Julia.