Statement from John Stefanini

Ms. Spicer’s refusal to participate in Framingham Rotary debate

It is unfortunate that Ms. Spicer has once again refused to be part of a small business candidate forum. Once again you see a fundamental difference between my opponent and I – the fact that I am transparent and willing to discuss my vision for our great city with anyone and everyone at any time. Small businesses are the heart of our local economy. Some of these multi-generation family owned businesses have been the fabric of Framingham for 100 years. We should not be turning our backs on them. We should be doing everything we can to support them, address their concerns and help them thrive. Communities such as Natick, Hudson and Marlborough have turned their local economies around by spurring growth among their small businesses. If elected Mayor I will work day one to revitalize our downtown, fill our vacant shopping plazas and create a vibrant ecosystem for our small businesses.