Preliminary Election Statement

I am honored and humbled by the support I have received by the voters of Framingham.

Today is a historic day for the new City of Framingham. The promise of the Charter is within our reach – of a transparent, accountable and participatory government.

Framingham voters deserve a comprehensive and robust conversation about our future – and we, the two finalists, have an obligation to provide it to them by discussing issues and plans and not attacking each other’s character.

It is for that reason that I have already contacted my opponent to ask her to participate in  5 “Lincoln-Douglas” style debates between now and Election Day.

It is my hope that these debates, sponsored by various civic, community, media and business organizations, will be conducted on a weekly basis in five different parts of the community.

I look forward to participating in these debates and the conversation over the next six weeks leading up to the election on November 7.