Preparing Our Kids for Tomorrow

As your mayor, I will do everything in my power to ensure that our schools are ready for our kids and our kids are ready for our schools.


We have good schools, but with four underperforming schools, we still have our work to do to provide a first class education to each and every one of our children.

It is the role of the School Committee and Superintendent to set policy, establish curriculum, and hire and manage staff. The Mayor serves as an ex-officio member of the School Committee and it is the Mayor’s job to ensure that the financial resources are available to support our schools.

As a parent and former teacher at Framingham South High School, I know the value and critical importance of high quality education in helping to prepare for the future success of all of our children.

As Mayor, I pledge to

  • Provide early childhood education to every child by making high-quality pre-K available for all our families;
  • expand learning opportunities in our schools by partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide new financial resources, volunteer tutors and mentors, internships and sponsorships to provide after school enrichment to students of all ages;
  • grow available revenue to be used for our children in our schools: by filling our vacant shopping centers; stimulating growth in our commercial centers; and working to grow local businesses and commerce.

Too many of our children start out behind and consequently, too many never catch up.  Investing in high-quality early childhood education gives kids the start they need to succeed.  With early childhood education, our children will be better prepared for success.

Children need to learn to read at an early age to be ready to read to learn in school. We need to ensure that all our children are prepared to learn when they start school.

Likewise, we need to ensure that after school enrichment programs, including tutors, mentors and internships, are available to students throughout Framingham.

As a Selectman and State Representative, John:

  • co-sponsored the landmark universal kindergarten law;
  • supported the creation of the School Building Authority;
  • founded the Framingham Boys and Girls Club;
  • supported the 1993 Massachusetts Education Reform Act increasing funding and resources to Framingham Schools
  • helped secure funding for three new Framingham schools.