We’re Collecting for Help for Houston Drive

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston. We’re coordinating with Mayor Marty Walsh‘s Help for Houston drive. Drop off any donations you wish to make at our campaign HQ – Trolley Square at 855 Worcester Road – by Thursday night and we’ll get them to the Hope for Houston distribution center in Boston. ITEMS NEEDED: Toiletries Diapers Baby …

Need a Lawn Sign?

Show your support for John! We have lawns signs — do you want one? Email stefanini143@gmail.com or fill out our volunteer form and we’ll make sure you get one!

Framingham is Strong Because of our Diversity

I applaud our state leaders – Governor Baker, Senate President Rosenberg, House Speaker DeLeo and the Massachusetts Legislature for endorsing and signing a proclamation and resolution today condemning hate and standing with Charlottesville. I am proud that in every single neighborhood I have walked around in our community, I have seen countless numbers of lawn signs and flags condemning hate …

John Stefanini during his interview with the MetroWest Daily News

Interview with the MetroWest Daily News

John was interviewed live on Facebook this week. The interview covers John’s background, his vision for Framingham and some initiatives you can expect from a Stefanini administration. You can watch it on Facebook today.

John Stefanini's interview with Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis

Watch John’s Interview with Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis

John appeared on Representative Jack Patrick Lewis’ show Framingham Now. In the interview, they discussed John’s experience and education, his A.P.L.A.N. for Framingham and why he loves the community we call home.  Watch it on YouTube below.   URL: https://youtu.be/arzKSOMpqN0

John Stefanini's plan for Framingham's future.

Framingham 2027: Together we will create our future

Framingham is a community of neighborhoods. From Nobscot to Coburnville, Saxonville to Pheasant Hill, each neighborhood has its own identity and history. Together, these diverse neighborhoods are pieces of our community fabric, and woven together by our common values. “Framingham is a great community with the people, resources and ability to become even better,” said John Stefanini, former Selectman and …